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On average we’ve saved clients 30% over the landlord’s claim and also negated expensive legal claims by dealing with dilapidations liability prior to lease termination.

We have worked on a variety of cases within a range of budgets, read more below by clicking on each case study.

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Open Case Study

We managed the exit strategy for a large store base of garages and tyre distribution centres. The client faced claims at their lease termination.

TDS reduced the landlord’s massive initial claim of circa 1m – to £150k and ensured it was finished all prior to lease termination. Our work also meant that court proceedings did not occur.

TDS helped manage the closure of over 600 Johnsons Cleaners stores nationwide. We managed complex situations with either individual or multiple landlords per store.

Most of the stores were at the end of long-term 25-year leases. We helped negate landlords claims to all but three properties which subsequently settled for less than 10k.

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What is dilapidation?

What is dilapidation?

When signing the lease you will almost certainly be committing to undertake certain repairs to the property or to simply maintain the condition of the property.

Repairs required at the termination of a lease are referred to as the terminal dilapidations liability. We can prepare a bespoke defence strategy...

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