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Our unique service allows you access to specialist dilapidations surveyors with over ten years’ experience, providing specialist legal advice and contractors to allow you to mitigate your liability before your landlord has had an opportunity to prepare an expensive claim.

No other company offers a total dilapidations service which allows you to mitigate an expensive landlord claim at a single point of contact.

On average we are able to save clients 30% over the landlord’s claim and also negate expensive legal claims by dealing with dilapidations liability prior to lease termination.

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What is dilapidation?

What is dilapidation?

When signing the lease you will almost certainly be committing to undertake certain repairs to the property or to simply maintain the condition of the property.

Repairs required at the termination of a lease are referred to as the terminal dilapidations liability. We can prepare a bespoke defence strategy...

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